Ucancam V9.7 Pro-torrent.zip

Ucancam V9.7 Pro-torrent.zip


Ucancam V9.7 Pro-torrent.zip

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Raster data not saving correctly in QGIS

I downloaded an aerial dataset from NOAA and saved it in QGIS. As I wanted to overlay it on a map I made, it was necessary to use GRASS. I loaded the data and saved it using the NADS Dataset v.net.raster.
I then used QGIS to overlay the raster image on a map that was already made. I got the following result:

This is what the original map is supposed to look like:

(From Google maps)
The raster data that QGIS created isn’t aligned with the actual map. Is there any way to align it?


I don’t think the problem is your vector/raster layers. I think the problem lies within the library or driver that you are using to import your raster data.
You should see the original raster in the raster window, and the new raster in the vector window. If there is only one raster layer in the vector window then it likely means the raster is loaded properly, as sometimes the list on the raster window is only called ”Vector”

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I am trying to make a custom install of UcanCam V9, but I am getting a version mismatch. The file version is and mine is 9.7. The file is a.zip file. I tried unzipping, but that did not work. Is there a version mismatch?


The serial number is the part of the file name that starts with uc….
ucancam V9.7

You’ve unzipped the file and found a bunch of hidden directories. That is where the serial number is stored.
So, the serial number for UcanCam V9.7 is indeed ucancam. So that’s the folder containing the serial number.
There is no way of getting the serial number from a file, as the serial number is only stored in the software, not in the file itself.
However, you could possibly extract the contents of the software, like the.rtf files it contains, and then look for the serial number in there. Although, I don’t think you’d be able to find it there.
Since the serial number is in the RTF files, it’s probably stored there as a hyperlink, so you could simply search through the directories of the software for links to specific text.
For example, I looked in the directory in which I found the serial number, and found a file called Downloads_meta_data.rtf. Looking in it, I found a hyperlink ”2. Start a new campaign” with the serial number. So I found the serial number in that file.
I was able to find it