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Probability question for mid term exam

A student is currently preparing for the mid term exam for a certain
course in probability. The lecturer hands him a number of trials and asks
him to determine the number of successes. The student believes he
realizes that the number of successes at any one trial is independent
of the number of successes at any other trial. In fact, the lecturer
secretly places an object on all but one of the trials.
If the student records the number of successes on each trial, what is the
probability that the number of successes recorded on the last trial is
greater than the number of successes recorded on the first trial?

I’m going through a book to refresh my mathematical knowledge and I find this question on page 118 of the book. I don’t understand what the lecturer is thinking in this question because I thought that he/she doesn’t know where the objects are placed so the student can’t know the number of successes at any trial. This is my view that there must be an other explanation to this question. My classmate thinks that the lecturer will make sure the student cannot use the trials and objects by making the number of successes independent from the others. Is my view right? Can anyone help me with this question? Many thanks.


I think it is more likely that the lecturer will have thought that the object has been put on the first trial, so the student can then base a calculation on the first trial being