TOMB RAIDER Japanese Language To Fix 🔷

TOMB RAIDER Japanese Language To Fix 🔷

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TOMB RAIDER Japanese Language To

We are still working to confirm if any further regional variations are available to some platforms. If thats the case, we will cover it in the comments. We also want to thank Anime 4Life for helping us debunk the myth that Japanese audio tracks are unavailable in the US.

While the games are region free and can be played anywhere, after purchase you will need to create an account that is tied to a particular region. So, because this isnt the case, it doesnt mean you are able to play Resident Evil Revelations on another region, just the US game. PSN

In the past, Sony was much more lax in offering region-free games. However the PSN is now region-restricted so you cant play anything on the Japanese store unless you are a Japanese resident. Hopefully they continue to hold back on such things so that they can maintain interest in the network for new users, who can then buy the titles they want on the Japanese store. This is one of the reasons why its a good idea to just buy from the US store, you can get what you want on there. Rayman Legends (PS3)
You dont actually need to enter this key, it’s just in case you somehow wanted to unlock the game without the key. Simple as that. The US version of Rayman Legends does have the game unlocked from the start but the JPN version doesnt. Fair warning: if you unlock the game, you will lose your save file. Unless you have it backed up with Saves from Space, you will need to start from scratch. This process doesnt work well on the PS3 because of its temporary storage, you will need to purchase a new memory card to get your data back, even if you want to do it and the disc is damaged. Buying a PS3 game will take an additional few days or so so your not going to want to do this just to unlock a game that is limited to the US.

It’s gotten a lot of attention, but the best thing to happen to the game was the addition of Japanese localization and the now complete English version. It also has all the rare secrets. I think it’s super difficult to find a pure single player Japanese Tomb Raider game, which is why I decided to include it here.
A part of the charm of Tomb Raider is the puzzle element of the games, so they are all done to the best of their ability. I feel the addition of more puzzles in the Japanese version doesn’t do it justice, but after playing it I think the puzzles are pretty well done overall. I know some people are really disappointed with the puzzles in the Japanese version, so let’s get into that. Yes, there are a few more puzzles in the Japanese version, and some of them are tougher. This is because they’re testing for more for the puzzles in the first Tomb Raider.
It’s the only handheld (or portable) version that’s worth buying. Even if the 3D graphics are little rough, at least you can fight monsters in a different environment. Many characters at first seem a little strange and behave differently, but everyone fits in somehow and really the only major change is that the world is smaller. Although, it’s still a huge world. I highly recommend this game just for the challenge of soloing everywhere. Its also a nice idea to have some save points where you can go and rest. Plus, since Lara can now wield a weapon and a sword, you get to start out with the sword. Honestly, Lara is so powerful that you should probably buy the first two Tomb Raider games for the story and then save them for the hard challenge.