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Subtitles are an important part of our lives. Whether we realize it or not, this type of writing displayed on screens, translating foreign languages spoken in various videos, allows for better communication. Watching a YouTube video or a movie with subtitles will allow you to better understand the message, that is if the displayed information is accurate. With Subtitld you have the chance to create your own subtitles for whatever type of visual mode you desire.
How does the application work?
In order to be able to create/alter any subtitles, you're required to firstly begin a new project or simply load an existing one. Once that is done, you'll be asked to import the video you want to use your subtitles with. This might be a deal breaker for some since there might be no real interest in also adjusting those subtitles to a video. Still, the number of tools provided is sufficient, the only problem being constant crashes while editing or altering the files. Sometimes it runs smooth as butter sometimes is as choppy as chocolate chips on a cookie.
The interface is modern but unfinished
One thing you might find interesting is the modern-looking interface of the application. It's definitely beautiful. The problem with it, on the other hand, is that it seems to not be that flexible. Extend or contract the app window and soon enough parts of it will go missing or text will overlap. Of course, this is not a huge issue as long as you keep the window proportions right.
Subtitld is an application that offers an easy way to deal with subtitle editing and creation. Given the fact it is free and its compatibility with many types of files such as SRT, SSA, TTML, SBV, VTT, XML and SCC, one can only hope this program full of potential will continue to be improved, offering it's planned functionality without any hitch,


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Subtitld is a subtitle creator and editor for Mac that supports many file formats such as SRT, SSA, TTML, SBV, VTT, XML and SCC. It was founded in 2013 by a group of people who were concerned about the problems regarding subtitles that have been cropping up everywhere. These issues regarding subtitles include: [.][:][.][[/]

Chroma Key Effect

[!] Subtitles are faster than before! Subtitld is currently the fastest application to do both things at once!
[!] Built-in video editor lets you edit subtitles that you added yourself.[!] It also allows you to use the video editor to remove an existing one.[!] Import from filenames and drag-and-drop with the left, right and bottom buttons.[!] Change the text size and color with two sliders below.[!] Fade in and fade out with the scroll buttons at the bottom.[!] Supports formats SRT, SSA, TTML, SBV, VTT and XML.[!] Adjust and simplify and use the Chroma Key Effect in the editor.[!] Subtitld can import [.][:] SRTs, SSA, TTML, SCC, DCT, SBV, VTT and XML with subtitles.
[!] Subtitld works with H.264, MPEG-4, VP6 and AVCHD video.
[!] Subtitld uses a powerful text engine that allows for greater flexibility.
[!] Multiple subtitles of different formats in one project.
[!] Import via filenames and drag-and-drop with the left, right and bottom buttons.
[!] Extract subtitles from video with a customizable size.[!] Change the text color and size with two sliders under text.
[!] Adding.ttml subtitles and videos.
[!] On the bottom, there’s a fade in and fade out option using the scroll buttons.
[!] Once edited, the subtitles of Subtitld are available in the ”Subtitle List” in the project.
[!] Subtitld is a modern application, meaning that it doesn’t crash or suddenly freeze as has been the case with some of the predecessors.
[!] Fade in and fade out using the buttons at the bottom.
[!] Changes text color, size and optionally text under the text.
[!] Android version of Subtitld.
[!] Available for Mac and Windows

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Subtitld Cracked Accounts is an awesome application to edit subtitles for videos. It is currently the only program that is able to do so. It does everything in its power to help you go from a blank text file to the creation of a finished and professional looking subtitle.

Description:This app will help you create a beautiful, professional-looking, on demand video promo. The package consists of an HD Animated logo, music, voice over, text, and a countdown timer to the video’s end. The ability to put a watermark into the thumbnail, and other customizable features (such as the color of the text) mean this is an app that’s ready to be used quickly and easily.
1. HD Animated logo and background to help in branding
2. 2 sets of attractive professional looking graphics for you to choose from
3. A customizable countdown timer (set the countdown timer yourself or have it do it for you)
4. A watermark to place over the image/video
5. 2 different styles of text
6. Adjustable sound effects (add sound effects of your own in 1-3 seconds)
7. Adjustable speed (10-150 frames per second)
8. Adjustable fade speed (10-150 frames per second)
9. Adjustable noise (0-100% [0 is silent, 100 is too noisy])
10. An automatic feature to convert the music to match the video, or manually for those who have no music
1,2,5,6,8,9,10 – User Interface
Audio – Change volume (Manually or automatically)
SFX – Add sound effects (Manually or automatically)
Text – Adjust the size and placement (Manually or automatically)
Countdown – Adjust start and end dates (Manually or automatically)
Easing – Adjust the motion transitions (Manually or automatically)
Thumb Width – Adjust the size of the thumbnail image (1-600)
Thumb Height – Adjust the size of the thumbnail image (1-2000)
Title – Change the title of the file to your liking
Watermark – You can change the color and position of the watermark
Logo – Set the logo image you want to use
Other – Change the audio pitch (Hz)
Other – Change the speed and fade rate of the video (10-150 frames per second)
Other – Noise slider (0-100%, 0 is silent, 100 is too noisy)

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Use Subtitld to create subtitles for your media with ease and versatility.
1. Import an unlimited number of video and audio files (including those with multi-track audio).
2. Import subtitles in five popular subtitle formats:
3. Easily add the text and voice-over from your media files and easily export them.
Import subtitles from:,.ssa,.srtml and.xml files
-.ttml,.vtt files
– Google Drive
– Dropbox
– MP4
– FLV and WebM videos
Add custom text, voices and voice-overs from media files.
Adjust the text size, position, color and font for your subtitles.
Add text with multiple languages.
Select the position of the text, font and color.
Colorize the text, background and apply a 3D effect.
Place text on an image or on a layer.
Delete, duplicate and rearrange subtitles.
Export subtitles:,.ssa,.xml,.srtml,.ttml and.vtt files
Create subtitles.
Navigate through subtitles with the mouse or keyboard.
Split an existing subtitle into multiple subtitles.
Import and export video and audio files.
Run without a panel.
A clean installation from the built-in zip file is recommended.
Subtitld History:
*Subtitld 3.2.23 was released on March 16, 2019.
Previous major improvements:
*Add support for more subtitle formats (.srt,.xml,.srtml,.ttml,.vtt)
*Option to save subtitle files as MP4 (.mp4)
*Support for adding multiple audio tracks to a video (.mov or.mp4)
*The video duration can now be displayed in the statusbar
*Text label position and color can now be customized.
*The audio and video track icons can now be dragged and dropped (fixed text tracks have no icon)
*Fixed: Issues with ”auto-export” when exporting with ”Run Without Panel”
*Fixed: Video and Audio Import Issues – added support for importing.m4a audio files
*Fixed: deleting the last sub of the file that are duplicated or sorted by size

What’s New in the?

Subtitld is a program which allows you to create, edit and save subtitles in any language. It is possible to create the subtitles directly from an external source (video,.SRT,.SRT2 or.VTT) or by using an internal editor. This program uses the XML format which allows you to use your own font (subtitles in a different language) and can be used on the Mac and PC.

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