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If there is a Program that is With embedded digital media player for the XBox and it was from Microsoft. What could be the problem?



The answer is that your computer has malware installed. This is a very common issue these days, and every user needs to be aware of it. My recommendation is to follow this guide to clean out your computer of malware. It will take your some time and effort, but you will get your program back.

A GARDEN city office and a block of shops are being saved from demolition by a new $1.4 million Torrens Parade Ground redevelopment.

The grant from Stirling Council, announced this week, will be used to design, develop and construct a new ”urban plaza” and heritage precinct precinct between Attunga Road and Cornelia Avenue.

The new building at the northern end of the park will be used by Stirling Council, the Stirling Zone, the Department of Recreation and Sport, the Transperth Regional Council and the Department of Planning and Environment.

It will be a major key to unlocking broader uses for the park, council’s chief executive Peter Hughes said.

”The over-arching issue is to create a heritage precinct around the park,” he said.




Essentially you’re looking for all the files with the extension txt.
Use this powershell script.
Dir \\path\to\files |
$i=split-path $i -leaf; if(!($i)){$i=”.”;}
$i=split-path $i -leaf; if(!($i)){$i=”.”;}
Write-Host $i `
$i.SubString(0,$i.Length-3) `
$i.SubString(0,$i.Length-2) `
$i.SubString(0,$i.Length-1) `
”,” -NoNewLine | Set-Content ”\\path\to\files\$_$\$_txt.txt”;}


Best way to speed up HTML5 canvas animation?

I’m working on an HTML5 canvas animation. I was wondering what are the best practices to speed it up?


You can use a canvas offscreen (perhaps with a transparent background), then move the actual canvas on-screen using drawImage. So you don’t need to redraw the whole page for each frame.
Check out this MDN page for a great explanation of how this works.
If you want to redraw the whole screen in a single frame, you’ll need to break up each frame into multiple parts.


You’re going to have to create a bitmap for your background, and redraw that instead of your canvas. You can potentially redraw the whole canvas in one go, but that will be too slow, unless it’s simple. You can also move things around more efficiently, and improve the quality of the drawing – this goes for both the canvas and the bitmap.
But in any case, it will be less complex to render your background bitmap each time. For one, it will only take a short amount of time, and it can’t complain about missing layers etc, you can make it so it’s a fixed size, and only clear the parts that change

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