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While finding a secure environment to store your ideas, to-dos, and any other notes is not that difficult, given the fact that there are competitive products on the market, what differentiates them is perhaps the means they put at your disposal to find your way around them later on.
OneNote is one of the world’s most popular software utilities in this niche, and while its capabilities are quite impressive, some enhancements here and there to make the app better suit your needs are always welcome. That is the very principle based on which a product such as OneNote Vault was designed.
Well put-together set of templates for OneNote
Before anything else, users should know that OneNote Vault comprises a multitude of templates you could resort to in order to enjoy a straightforward structure.
As such, what it does is create five different categories for your notes, more specifically, Family, Health, Finance, Insurance, and Legal. Each of these sections is, in turn, made of multiple subcategories.
For instance, Family includes templates such as Members, properties, Vehicles, Passwords, and more, while Health integrates Health Records, Immunisation, Organ Donor, and so on and so forth. Just to get an idea, as many as 37 templates are available for you to choose from and use as a starting point when organizing your ideas.
Tabs, columns, and rows support modifications
Nevertheless, if you think the categories are not exactly suitable for your needs, editing or deleting them altogether is possible, as is also the case of adding new tabs. What’s more, changing the templates’ appearance should raise no difficulty either.
In case you are afraid of data leaks, you should know that resorting to what OneNote has to offer in terms of password protection is possible. On the other hand, if you want to share content with your family or friends, you can do that, and in order to make sure you do not miss any deadline, creating reminders in your calendar is possible.
On an ending note, OneNoteVault is an approachable set of templates aimed at OneNote users who want a better structure for their ideas, notes, and to-dos. The templates are quite varied and can be changed according to your needs, which proves the software utility is flexible and should boost productivity.







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You are the kind of user who takes your notes seriously. You need to make sure that all your notes are safe and stored securely. Therefore, you will need a software program that will help you to do that. OneNote Vault is the perfect program for such purposes.
OneNote Vault delivers a one-stop shop for your notes and ideas. It combines all your notes and information into one place, and one place only. You can organize all your notes into categories, sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, and etc. Moreover, you can easily and quickly modify the appearance of your templates and layouts. You can share your notes with others.

Quite a lot of people find their time very difficult to be spent as much as they would like. And among those who are limited by time, organizing is what they struggle with the most.

Trying to find a reasonable balance between all the things that need to be done and keeping a regular routine is an extremely difficult task, which is not always easy to perform. And it becomes even more complicated when your life is filled with plenty of small errands that you need to get done every day.

And while sometimes you might feel like you have more time than what you actually have, you still need to manage all these errands and things that need to be done.

That is why one would need to establish a schedule, and organizing everything to be done for the day is something that would make the process easier.

Moreover, with the right software, you can even schedule everything that needs to be done.

However, no matter what software you use to do that, you will need to find the most effective one. And as you would know, if you are looking for such a software, there are many things that you need to consider.

1. How long have you been using it?

The fact that you are going to spend your money on something new is something that will make you ask a lot of questions. After all, you will be spending money on something that you would need for a long time. So if you are a regular user of this software, you can be sure that it is going to work the way you want it to.

2. What are the features that matter most to you?

It is not all about what you can do. It is all about what it can do for you, and that is why you need to know all the features that matter the most to

OneNote Vault

Keymacro is a freeware utility designed to provide a fast way to open more than 200 programs with a single keystroke. Using Keymacro, you are able to open and run programs installed on your computer with just one click. You can even assign a single key or hotkey to launch your desired programs and even open special documents without opening the program first.
Keymacro allows you to launch programs on your computer without opening the program first and without right-clicking on the program or the shortcut on your desktop. Just press the key and the program will be launched. You can assign a single hotkey to open up a specific program. For example, if you always want to launch Internet Explorer when you are online, simply assign the hotkey IE to the program, and press the hotkey, and Internet Explorer will launch.
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Keymacro works on Mac OS X and Windows.
Keymacro is compatible with the following versions of Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2008/2012.
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Configure special Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile programs
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Save and load programs
Create Custom Shortcuts
Schedule programs to launch at specified times
Create custom Hotkeys
Use the Standard Mac Keyboard
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Ever tried a clunky notebook? Needed a replacement, or, just curious what it was like? If you are looking to switch to a new, modern notebook, then OneNote is for you. The notes app has some cool features that help you get organized for free.
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Moodle, Moodle.
Moodle is an online teaching and learning management system with a free academic edition.
It was developed in 2002 in response to the increasing availability of the Internet, the demand for quality education, and a desire to provide a free high-quality learning resource that students can access anytime and anywhere.
More than 100 million people around the globe are using Moodle to teach and learn.
Moodle is now an open source project, which means the source code and all the documentation is available to anyone with the motivation and skills to modify and improve the software.
In 2011 Moodle was recognized as ”Learning Platform of the Year” by Training Industry’s annual awards.
”Extremely easy to use” – PC World.
”A marvelous place for educators” – The Telegraph.
”A must download for all schools and libraries” – Tecnologia.
In addition to the freemium Academic edition, Moodle can be accessed for free by students in K-12, post-secondary, business and corporate environments.
Get started – Moodle’s home page for beginners.
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What’s New in the?

When an organization is conducting a security review and making sure to regularly backup the data it stores, the last thing it wants is to loose those backups. And when an organisation is looking for an easy to use, secure and cost effective solution for backup storage, OneNote Vault is a product that ticks all the boxes.
What is OneNote Vault?
OneNote Vault is a new set of templates that make sure your data is always backed up. It is an easy to use and cost effective way of backing up files. It has multiple templates to make sure all your data is backed up. Each template has its own unique set of templates to organise the backup folder. The templates help you keep track of files that are in your backup folder.
How to use OneNote Vault?
You simply have to install the OneNote Vault app on your PC/Mac and install the OneNote Vault templates on the PC/Mac. It is as simple as that. Each template has a folder for the data it organises.
You have to simply select the template that meets your needs and start organising the data in the templates. For example, if you are a student you could create the templates – Student, Student Documents, Student Notebooks, etc.
Another user of the app could create templates – Study, Study Document, Study Notebook, etc. In this case the folders created by OneNote Vault would be – Studying, Studying Documents, Studying Notebooks. You could choose what to include in each template based on your needs and preferences.
When it is time to backup you simply click on the template that meets your needs and click the backup button. It will backup the data and create a ZIP file for you to download.
You will not only be assured that your data is

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
• Processor: Intel i3-2105T / AMD FX-6100
• Memory: 4 GB
• Video: DirectX 11 capable video card
• DirectX: Version 11
• Resolution: 800 x 600
• Hard Drive: 3 GB free space
• Internet Connection: Broadband Internet connection
• Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
• Mouse: Standard USB Mouse
• Keyboard: Standard USB Keyboard
• Extra Notes: May work best with a gamepad