Official Infinix Zero 3 X552 Stock Rom

Official Infinix Zero 3 X552 Stock Rom

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Official Infinix Zero 3 X552 Stock Rom

2. modify the operating system according to your choice. you can modify the android firmware according to your choice. for example, you can set up a custom shortcut, add your own apps, or remove unwanted apps.

3. assign different sounds to different contacts. there is an option to assign different sounds to different contacts. you can add your own sounds for different contacts. different sounds gives a different impression. you can easily make your phone more personal.

hi guys, i’m tony and i’m back with my first post here with the x552 inboxdoll! this is my preview of the x552 . are you ready? download x552 stock rom firmware/flash file to your computer and then follow the below steps to learn how to flash or install firmware/rom on your x552 inboxdoll;

download firmware/flash file:

1. put the android folder of the firmware you downloaded to your sd card. then put the android folder in your sd card to your android phone and then put the sd card in the phone. (for example, the download file is in your sd card, place your sd card in your phone, then close the phone and open it again, you can see the android folder of the firmware you downloaded to your phone.)

here is our recommended firmware which is recommended to flash your inboxdoll x552. this firmware has been tested and verified on this very inboxdoll model. it is the same firmware that has been downloaded by 1000+ users in the two weeks that our team has been updating the firmware. and even still, you still have a chance that some users may encounter some bugs/problems with this firmware.

start by opening the fastboot mode to infinix zero 3 x552 flash the flash file that you downloaded. the new firmware appears on the screen on the phone. confirm that the necessary files are in the phone by selecting (hint) install button. then select apply update button. the new firmware is flashed on the phone.
you are about to start a factory reset, i.e. that the phone/tablet will be as if you had just bought it. therefore, it is mandatory to backup all the data saved on the phone/tablet. a factory reset can erase everything saved on the device, so backup all the information that you consider important. for this purpose, infinix provides a software application for windows.
if you have successfully downloaded, you infinix zero 3 x552 usb driver for windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7 from official infinix zero 3 x552 facebook page for best success. now you follow the instructions in the install infinix zero 3 x552 flash file instruction and install instructions to flash a new custom firmware .
if you have followed the instructions correctly, your new custom firmware is installed on infinix zero 3 x552, you can restart the device or start a fully functional android powered smartphone for the first time.
the rooting process is not the same as flashing another custom firmware. in fact, you can perform root or develop your device. you can launch apps that have not been released yet. this is something that does not happen with custom firmware, as the manufacturer does not allow you to perform illegal functions on the phone.
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