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Although annoying for most of us, cookie banners serve two main purposes, namely to let visitors know that their data is being collected and to ask for consent. While some websites specify how the data is being used, others do not provide too much details on this and force you to accept to view the content.
Ninja Cookie is an extension for Chrome that rejects the cookie collections by websites and automatically removes those irritating banners.
Spares you the trouble of configuring cookie banners
The idea behind the extension is to provide protection for users who typically just click allow cookies just to make their life easier. However, by accepting this, you should be aware that you are agreeing to the use of advertisement and tracking cookies that can collect browsing data and personal information.
Here is where the extension comes in and blocks the cookies that can be blocked from these banners to save you time. In fact, as some users pointed out, you do not have to bother with banners at all on certain websites as they disappear by themselves. According to the developer, unlike similar tools that manage cookies, the extension removes the banner by refusing the use of advertisement and tracking cookies.
A browser extension that can blocks most cookie banners
It is worth mentioning that that tool may not work in some situations. Simply put, depending on the website you are visiting, the extension may detect the banner, but is unable to set it up. It decides to hide it and recommends you to go to the Settings menu and configure your own alternative lists. Unfortunately, the alert is quite small and there is a good chance you miss it.
Even though it is not capable of removing cookies completely, Ninja Cookie can turn off the ones typically found in banners and that may be used to track your browsing habits.







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No more annoying banner to distract you from your privacy

Ninja Cookie removes the banners that appear when you visit different web pages

Block the collection of personal and browsing data

Ninja Cookie can block the tracking and advertisement cookies that appear in the banners

No more annoying banner to distract you from your privacy

Everyone likes cookies. For example, as a website collects personal data, then it uses cookies to remember who you are, then the extension can save that information to prevent you from showing annoying banners every time you visit the website.
Now if this sounds as a very useful extension, then you should not be surprised. This is because it removes cookie banners from different websites, which are used to collect your browsing data and personal information.
Of course, the user can alter his/her permissions settings to see the banners, but this might not be as convenient.
In addition, you may need to visit additional settings to change the URLs for each website individually. Yes, there is a lot of features and settings available in the extension that you have to consider and configure.
By default, the extension blocks cookies and does not remove those that cannot be blocked. However, it is possible to delete individual cookies. Although most of the websites block all cookies, you can configure the extension to accept or block the specific ones.
Block cookie banners and remove most annoying collection
In addition to cookies, the extension can also block other types of tracking and advertisement cookies, such as beacons.
In short, Ninja Cookie for Chrome Serial Key offers a lot of settings and advanced features that you should consider. The extension is capable of removing almost any type of cookie banners and the removal of advertising and tracking cookies is fairly easy.
Hence, it is recommended to give it a try if you want to get rid of annoying banners. The extension is also available for other browsers, like Firefox and Opera.
An easy-to-use browser extension that removes annoying banners
As mentioned, the extension is capable of blocking cookies and advertising and tracking cookies by websites. However, it may not be a great idea to browse the Internet without them. It simply provides an alternative to the cookie banners that are usually annoying and embarrassing.
Therefore, it is highly recommended for users who are tired of complaining to the website owners that they are unable to accept the cookies.
The biggest flaw of this tool is that you have to configure every website individually to see the banner. This means that the extension needs to download the website’s source code,

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If you are familiar with the extension, you can see that Ninja Cookie is very similar to that one. It is also provides an ‘alert’ for every cookie banner on the web page you are visiting.
Here is the box that pops up

The alert box contains a list of all the cookies on that page that you are trying to block, while more specific explanations can be found on top.
Here is a brief summary of how the Ninja Cookie works, and what it does

You are provided with four choices to prevent the banner:



Block All

Accept Everything

Furthermore, you have the option to add your own custom lists.
At the time of writing this article, the Ninja Cookie only works on the active web browser of Chrome and it may be prone to errors in older versions.
How Ninja Cookie works?
Ninja Cookie works on a three step principle and consists of the following

Detect cookie banners

Get the information about cookies

Sort and choose the cookies

The rest is not dependent on the extension. This means that you do not need to have any extensions on your browser to make the extension work.
Moreover, if the website is not capable of communicating with the extension, it does not matter because there is no content that will be hidden.
Is Ninja Cookie necessary?

I think the situation is quite clear. Both are safe and will protect you from advertisements that can obtain information about what you watch online. However, you can only trust those cookie banners if they state the consequences if you do not allow them to collect data.
As long as you are informed, you will be able to make the best decision.
Other cookie bans
You will note that some other extensions that are seemingly designed to improve privacy, but actually provide an alternative view on collected information. Here are a few alternatives that can block other annoying banners.
1. Pushover cookie Blockers

You may be confused about the name of this extension. However, the developer has put this in the hands of users to make their online experience faster. The Pushover button will appear on the screen and you can click on it to block cookies on the website you are visiting.
2. HTTP Cookie Blocker

If you are not comfortable with the way you are being tracked in online, you can try out the HTTP Cookie Blocker from Adblock. When you access websites

Ninja Cookie For Chrome

A browser extension that blocks most of the cookie banners using a simple extension.

A browser extension that shows you all of the online trackers, and uses data from them to identify the online businesses that use the most of these trackers

Add to add ”Do Not Track” preferences, that remove the information collected from your web browsing about your web browsing habits

What’s special:

The most advanced browser extension in Google’s Chrome Web Store

Why choose Ninja Cookie?

Cookie banners for web content are annoying, especially when they appear as pop-up windows or pop-ups. Ninja Cookie is a Chrome extension that prevents them from appearing.

For a webmaster and for a browser users, you can choose what specific banners you want to block.

With Ninja Cookie, as a webmaster, you can choose specific websites, but also domains that contain specific keywords. This means that websites that target specific keywords will have more adverts, while the others will be spared.

The success of the extension is built on the accuracy of its detection of the most frequent online tracker used by website owners to collect data. It also takes data from the most popular social networks to identify the most visited websites.

These two features together mean that the Ninja Cookie extension does not only provide the most important information about your online activities. It also identifies the reasons why a website collects data, and the most important is that it does so without cookie banners.

Ninja Cookie for Chrome is the most advanced in the Chrome Web Store. Using the data we collect we develop a comprehensive list of companies that take advantage of your personal data in online advertising. We also provide you with two options: a blacklist of websites that have many advertising cookies, and a whitelist of the websites that are the most likely to use your information.Welcome to APCO Worldwide

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What’s New In Ninja Cookie For Chrome?

Browse anonymously – Ninja Cookie is the ultimate tool to block annoying cookie banners on websites.
Protect your privacy – Ninja Cookie refuses cookies that are used for advertisement and tracking.
Warns you when a site wants to track you – Ninja Cookie adds an alert to websites that collect cookies without permission.
An ad-free web – Visit websites without annoying banners and annoying pop-ups – as Ninja Cookie will not let you watch those content.
Unable to remove cookies completely – Ninja Cookie does not removes all the cookies. Simply hide the cookie banners.
Receives automatic updates – Ninja Cookie can receive updates by email so you can easily update the plug-in.
Ninja Cookie for Chrome has everything what users are looking for – Privacy protection, ad-free browsing, and protection against annoying banners.
Price: $4.99 USD – $6.99 USD
Credit card data secured via Stripe
Additional details can be found on the Ninja Cookie web site. Also available for other browsers like Firefox and Opera, on mobile devices, and in other languages too.
Ninja Cookie is a Free and ad-supported web browser. However, while the core intention of the Ninja Cookie is to save you from annoying banners, it does not remove them completely, which means that you may still see them.
Alternative for Firefox – Cookie BlockQ:

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