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The Touch Pack from Microsoft is a bundle of six application is specially crafted to work on any Windows 7 system connected to a touch-ready monitor.
If you have Virtual earth 3D installed, the developer recommends removing it from the system in order to avoid compatibility issues that might occur.
A six pack of games
The Touch Pack features a total of six games, all ready to be played by tapping on the screen instead of using the mouse.
These are casual games designed to provide a fun pastime as well as to put your intelligence to the test. For instance, Microsoft Blackboard requires you to solve a puzzle of getting a balloon to a light bulb. It involves creating a contraption, which, according to the laws of physics, achieves the goal.
Less demanding choices include Garden Pond, Rebound, Surface Globe and Surface Collage. There is also an interactive screensaver, Surface Lagoon, with water simulation that can be manipulated in different ways in order to make the fish respond to the changes.
In the case of Surface Globe users have the possibility to explore various areas around the world by simply dragging the fingers on the screen. You can zoom in and out, spin the globe or search for a specific location.
Surface Collage enables you to play with multimedia files (video is also supported) and mix them up on the touch-ready display. You can change their position in the collage, bring them to the foreground, resize or rotate them just by letting your fingers glide on the surface.
Microsoft Touch Pack is a simple way to demonstrate the touch capabilities of Windows 7. It is not rich in options or applications but it manages to give a hint on how Windows works on a touch screen.







Microsoft Touch Pack With License Key Download

• TouchPack Program (download)
• 1 touch-enabled monitor
• Microsoft Windows 7 operating system
• Display driver required
The Contents of TouchPack Program:
• 6 Games
• 1 Demo: Microsoft Blackboard Solver Tutorial
• 6 Demo: Graphics and AnimationQ:

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Microsoft Touch Pack Crack+ Download

6 games available
More free applications
Explore and play your multimedia files
Kind of game : Pong
Gameplay : simple
Target audience : everyone
Target platform : Windows 7
Game rating : 3.5/5
Next : Microsoft Fluid Space

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Microsoft Touch Pack Registration Code

With the Touch Pack, you can enjoy using your PC without a mouse, especially when navigating through a touch-ready monitor. The six applications included in the Touch Pack are gaming, education and leisure, activities in Windows 7 designed for touch-screen interaction. Features: Games
Delivers a fun gaming experience. Access different action-based games and play simple games that challenge your touch-screen and test your problem-solving skills.
Help a Brave. Child’s Play is a puzzle game where you help a Brave grow up by playing mini puzzles. The more you complete, the bigger he gets.
Get Active. Enter a world of adventure and fun as you explore the world around you. Create artwork and share your creations with all your friends.
Boomer’s Travels. Have a blast looking for its in your Journey to find out what you will get when you get to the end of the trail.
Doable. Not a game, but a tool that allows you to easily create your own brain teasers, Word and Math puzzles that can be played in a number of ways.
Garden Pond. Save the day in a tropical world by guiding your fish across the pond to the oxygenator and producing a beautiful pond for kids to enjoy.
Game Hub. Play a wide variety of games ranging from simple to hard. Choose your game, then tap a button and the game starts.
Microsoft Touch Pack Features: Games

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What’s New in the?


Easy to use

Can learn how Windows 7 works

Works with touch-screen monitors


Works with Vista

Works with Windows 7

Includes six games


i`ve had problems with the version 1.0 of touch pack, since upgrading from winxp to win 7 my touch pack has stopped working, i reinstalled 1.0 and now have the same problem. i tried the fix for XP and it didn`t work, any advice?

I have Windows 7 on my Lenovo V700. The touch pack works perfectly.

My problem is that it would not work from Win 7 start. I could not find it anywhere. (It is the only link in the Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut box.) When I left click on the link, it would just refresh my screen at the first page. I tried the other link, Control Panel… it would not work at all for me.

I have another problem as well. I have a touch sensor display that is called ”Touch Mice”. It takes my optical mouse and tracks it, when you touch a button on the mouse it changes to a pointer. The problem is it tracks everything (like, a web page) when you touch the screen. Anyone know how to fix this?

I have a XPS 1210 (12.5″ widescreen, 1366×768 15.6″) and just installed the touch pack.

I downloaded and installed the touch pack, however, when I touch the screen, it defaults to searching the PC (c:). I moved my touch point to the Start menu and it kept defaulting back. I have to double-tap to open it.

I am using Win 7 Home Premium. The touch pack was downloaded and installed using control panel. I have the Driver version, and Hardware Acceleration Control is set to Off.

Can anyone tell me the default settings it uses when you first touch the screen. I know I could navigate using this, but I don’t want to if it doesn’t work like I expect. So far, I am not able to.

I can’t seem to get the touch pack to work with my PC. I have Windows Vista Business with the player and touch pack installed on this computer. I can’t

System Requirements For Microsoft Touch Pack:

Important note for clients running on outdated systems: This release includes an installer that will install the client on any version of Windows. For systems running a version of Windows prior to XP, however, you will need to make some adjustments to your installation. If you have successfully installed the client on your system, you can skip this step, and continue to setup the smart phone as a second client.
If you have a version of Windows installed prior to XP, you will need to make some adjustments to your desktop environment. To do this, you will need to access the control panel for the