Maharana Pratap: The First Freedom Fighter Movie Hindi Free Download |VERIFIED|

Maharana Pratap: The First Freedom Fighter Movie Hindi Free Download |VERIFIED|


Maharana Pratap: The First Freedom Fighter Movie Hindi Free Download

maharana pratap the actor is also known for his portrayal in the tv show udaan which was aired on sony tv. on the show, malhotra played a good looking and innocent young man who is trapped in the middle of a political drama.

malhotra’s portrayal as a character who was against the freedom of women, didn’t go down too well with the audience. the actor lost the support of many of his fans after he said that women shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.

the significance of the maharana pratap jayanti in mewar is that he was the first ruler to gain prominence after the battle of khanua against the mughals. maharana pratap has never been defeated in battle and has been at the forefront of battle for almost the whole of his life. the king of mewar was also the first and only ruler to have raised the standard of revolt against mughals. the udaipur-mewar royal family is the only one in the history of india to have been in the forefront of every battle in india. the first battle fought by maharana pratap was against his uncle, raja ratan singh. he was a close friend of the mughal king akbar. akbar wanted to invade mewar, but his general babar was unable to carry out this invasion. he requested the king of mewar to enter into a friendship with akbar, as akbar wanted to invade afghanistan. but the king of mewar never complied with the mughal request. he then planned to invade rajasthan, but akbar ordered babar to invade mewar instead. akbar wanted to invade rajasthan, but his general babar was unable to carry out this invasion.

a treaty was signed in 1490 where maharana pratap was forced to hand over his kingdom of mewar to akbar. in 1491, he was imprisoned in agra fort. in 1497, he was released and he returned to mewar. he got a son named lalla jung, who was a great warrior.
maharana pratap’s portrait has been painted by many famous painters of that time. the one painted by raja ramchandra is the first in history to depict the king looking so deadly. he is also known as the ’chakravarti of mewar’.
with the launch of the film, the makers have already released two trailers. however, a complete trailer is yet to be released. the trailer is expected to be released in the second week of april. the movie will also feature the legendary actress rachana parulkar. she will be seen playing the role of the mother of maharana pratap.
the actor who will be seen portraying the role of the 13th maharana pratap will be sanjay soni, who has already done a number of movies like saam daam dand bhed,jodha akbar, bajrangi bhaijan, sanam teri kasam, the legend of bhagat singh and delhi 6. he has also worked in a few tv serials as well. his upcoming release is ek thi marium, a film which is based on the life of the mother of bal thackeray.
he has also worked in another movie, where he was seen in the role of maharana pratap. in the movie, he portrayed the character of maharana pratap who had a lot of misconception about him as a result of which he had to fight with his brother for the throne. the movie was released in 2015. after the release, he has been seen in a few indian and pakistani movies as well. however, the movie did not get a lot of positive feedback from the audience.