Guitar And Bass Ear Trainer Full Version BEST

Guitar And Bass Ear Trainer Full Version BEST


Guitar And Bass Ear Trainer Full Version

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Music Hints


With Shuffle on, the music will begin to play in random order, rather than starting at the beginning of the disc. With Shuffle Off, the music will resume from where it left off.


With the music paused, you can press and hold the Pause button to resume it. You can also press and hold the Play button to pause and resume the music at any time.


If you’re in a hurry, or don’t want to hear the same track again, just pause the music by pressing and holding the Pause button. Then push and release the Repeat button to restart the song from where you left off.

Shuffle/Repeat/Pause/Play is a great way to save a favorite song to play at your leisure.


You can adjust the volume of the music without changing the song. You can either adjust the PIP on the radio, or use the volume buttons on your player to do this.

Song Lyrics

Click/Tap on the up/down arrows to open song lyrics for more information.


You can press and hold the Pause button to pause the music. You can also press the Pause button once or twice to bring up the Pause menu, which allows you to resume, go back, or shuffle.


Click the Previous or Next button to go back or forth through your music queue.

Now Playing

You can check out the artist, album, track, length, etc. of the song you’re listening to by clicking on the information button.


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