Full !!HOT!! Hirens BootCD V13.0 [ Instalador Boot USB][ Mini Windows XP] ✋🏿

Full !!HOT!! Hirens BootCD V13.0 [ Instalador Boot USB][ Mini Windows XP] ✋🏿


FULL Hirens BootCD V13.0 [ Instalador Boot USB][ Mini Windows XP]

the new mini xp is hiren’s attempt to turn windows xp into a portable operating system. at this point, it’s still quite small — approximately 2 gb — but the idea of having a full-featured version of windows on a thumb drive is intriguing.

hiren’s bootcd’s mini xp is currently limited to a boot drive, usb sticks are not supported. only one of the three usb ports on the unit is used. that’s probably fine for a usb thumb drive, but an external hard drive will have to be used instead.

the mini xp is supported on any usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 port. the only drawback is the lack of support for external hard drives. you can, however, install a bootable usb thumb drive in the unit, which then becomes the boot drive. this is the only supported use for the mini xp.

a number of other functions are included with the boot cd. these include a program for updating bios settings, a program that downloads free software such as music players, browser plug-ins, and other programs to a hard drive in the system, and a diagnostic tool that’s reminiscent of windows’ system recovery option.

the program that downloads free programs is similar to mac’s app store in that it shows a number of suggested programs that can be downloaded and installed. hiren’s bootcd includes a directory on the hard drive with the names of some of the suggested programs, which then are downloaded to the hard drive and installed. this is an attempt to give users a reason to stick with the operating system.

the program is reminiscent of the windows xp recovery console, and in fact makes use of the same language. it does not require an administrator’s password and will do much the same things as the windows xp recovery console.

a usb wireless card with a broadcom chipset is included with the boot cd, but the card seems to be of the same variety of cards found in pc’s. it does not seem to be a special card or chipset that supports only windows.
the download is compressed in a rar archive. when you have downloaded it, unzip it. the image you have downloaded is a bootable windows pe image, which can be used to boot from the usb key. you can get more information about how to use it from the following page:
as the name suggests, this option is meant for easy and fast installations of windows xp. it is a single-user install with limited networking functionality. you will not be prompted to enter a username/password unless you want to configure the networking. if you need a fully-featured windows xp installation that you can share across your network, choose the windows xp pro option from the list on the left.
the portable version of the boot cd includes a winpe environment that allows you to boot the usb drive without installing windows xp.this is useful if you have a usb drive that you want to use to boot a windows environment on your laptop or netbook. you can use the boot cd to boot any 64-bit (x64) version of windows xp, as well as windows server 2003, windows server 2008, windows 7, or windows 8.
if you do not want to install windows xp, you can use this option to create a bootable usb drive with a customized winpe environment that allows you to boot your windows xp system, from a usb drive that you already have available. this option is not meant to install or replace the windows xp system that is already installed on your computer, and is only meant to be used to boot the system from a usb drive that you already have available.