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Font Tzaristane Bold Cond


Tzaristane is a font designed by Graham Meade and set in a serif typeface but it is atypical of the classical. Tzaristane is named after the author, a Russian author who set it in a typeface called Queulat, which was called the “Traditional typeface” in Russia.
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Django: Avoiding redundant attributes in model

My Django model uses a lot of redundant attributes.
Following is the example from the documentation:
from django.db import models

class Test(models.Model):
text = models.TextField()
tag = models.CharField()
category = models.CharField()

class Meta:
db_table = ”myapp_test”

The last attribute db_table is added to ensure proper database integrity when adding a new column to a tables, but does it really have to be added when defining a new model? Or is there another option that does the same thing without the need for this attribute?
I also have a ModelAdmin class, but it includes the db_table as attribute as well.
Should I keep the attribute there? Or should I just remove it?


The reason for this is that certain packages may extend the database schema from your application. Those packages expect the table to be a certain format. In a way, this is exactly why this is a required attribute.
For example, if you are using django.contrib.auth, you should not have any of the extra attributes added to your model. This is because the package will modify the database and the django.contrib.auth table names and format.
To not add the extra attributes to your model, you must override the modelform_factory:
from django.forms import modelform_factory

class BlogForm(modelform_factory):
def get_


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