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Motion Capture Technology

“HyperMotion Technology provides a glimpse into the future of our game,” says Prozone Sports. “Our vision was to create a better football experience, ensuring players master every movement and attitude during a match.”

The result is a progression in the accuracy of tackling, player positioning, ball control and the speed and fluidity of action. More importantly, the visual fidelity of the game has been enhanced, improving player movement and making it easier for players to identify opponents.

“The benefits of using technology are clear in the game,” adds Hoskins. “The new motion capture technology provides an advantage for our players by enhancing the visual fidelity of the players on-screen and their accuracy in displaying their movements and reactions.”

“Every game is different, and each new title requires new ways of tracking players and moving the game forward,” says Prozone Sports founder Craig Butler. “This new motion capture technology is the best-in-class solution for development and delivery of our gameplay for FIFA 22.”

“Our goal is to deliver the best game experience for players,” says FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA 18 lead producer David Rutter. “We are enhancing our leading live game engine to make the most authentic football action, and providing an immersive game experience across all modes.”

This is the biggest and most ambitious game in the world of FIFA, with twice the teams in the World Cup, a new award-winning match engine, and the deepest and most realistic set of competitions in history – seven new host cities with four regions to navigate.

Full patch notes, including overviews of all features, changes and fixes, are available here. You can also find this and more on the My Teams area of

FIFA 22 features the following in-game improvements:

Player Tracking – If you’re in a good position to intercept a pass, your players will retain their direction when they’re controlled by your team. When you leave your player in a good position, they will control the ball.

Faster Pass – A player can now make a pass a lot quicker than before:

Passing Time – If you make a successful pass, the game will pause your player’s run and shoot for a few seconds to ensure you can make the next pass and


Features Key:

  • The Evolution of Football Gameplay
  • The Performance Game Engine
  • Hype for the Next Gen FifaExperience
  • More Ways to Be the Next Great
    Legend – Be a manager for a season, leading your team to success. Pro – Make the next move as a Pro, immerse yourself in match day atmosphere. The Fastest game ever: The “Evolution
    of Football Gameplay
    ” simulation engine is leading the competition in terms of gameplay speed with a legacy in game speed. Enjoy new “controlled dribbling in-context”, more responsive ball physics, and more display, touch and movement improvements.
    A New Performance Game Engine: Your club squad, your style of play, and your attributes will all be represented by our new Performance Game Engine. Give all your performances a strong visual presence with improved animated body postures, effects and crowds. AI Manager Observations are also enhanced to feel more and move more like real football players.
  • Master Class Style Commentary: Take the action with the most exhaustive and captivating commentary featuring all the authoritative voices behind the Premier League and England’s elite – alongside fellow commentators Jon Champion and Jorge Valdano. Match Day Atmosphere: Add to that atmosphere by tuning into the words and opinions of the ESPN commentators and a new set of regular inviters found in pre-match previews.
  • A World of Play Sets: Now players can create their own unique stadium, with unique stands, team kits and demographics. Official Clubs: Customise your player with like-for-like squad requirements and attributes to create your own club that represents your footballing soul. Clonal Grounds: The game features the first FIFA property and is the first to have stadium branding and recognizable logos. All players may select a Crewe Alexandra or West Ham United player card from the FA Cup
  • Amazing Soundtracks: 40 licensed sports tracks, including The Beatles, Daft Punk, Sigur Ros, NIN and The Verve.
  • Huge New Club Stadiums: There are now twelve Club Stadions


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    FIFA is the world’s favourite football video game franchise. In FIFA, people all over the globe take the field on behalf of their country and compete for the World Player of the Year and Club World titles. In FIFA, there’s no right or wrong way to play football. No defenders or midfielders, no passing or shooting, no ultimate team: just pure, unadulterated football.

    What do you expect from FIFA?

    Not to be outdone by FIFA 17, FIFA 18 goes above and beyond for more players across more locations. Stunning new stadiums have been added, and you’ll find bigger crowds in the locker rooms and on the pitch. The gameplay advances in FIFA have never been more exciting. And with all-new fan experiences, you’ll feel connected to the game like never before.


    Prepare to play like a true football god and conquer every challenge.

    Step into the shoes of one of the most legendary footballers in the world and take on the most difficult challenges in every corner of the world. Whether you’re the sole owner of a European club or a brand new player from North America, you’ll know you’re ready for the challenge when the national anthem of the country where you’re starting out rings out.

    The new gameplay systems in FIFA ensure that every moment counts.

    Fifa 22 2022 Crack sees all-new player skill, talent, and tactics systems. Players influence your game through qualities and attributes, making them more specialised and more effective on the pitch. After all, you’re not playing just football, you’re playing football like no one else.

    Great players will play differently in FIFA.

    The unique team play of FIFA allows you to construct your team in the legendary manager mode and take it onto the pitch. The new management and tactics systems allow you to direct every aspect of your team play – from role definition to formation and field positions.

    Simulate any game environment.

    Experience every football environment with greater player variety and diversity than any other football game. From atmospheric training to intense rivalries and long-awaited clashes, FIFA 22 offers the most varied and authentic gameplay experience available.

    Revolutionary intelligence in commentary.

    Loud, full-colour and first-of-its-kind, FIFA 22 offers no shortage of commentary to go with it. Make sure you’re on top of


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    Build the ultimate team of players and manage your player journey over the long-term, unlocking better players and making moves as the season goes on. Take your custom team to tournaments around the globe to win massive rewards and climb the leaderboards. FUT has also been rebuilt from the ground up to add new features, such as TrueMatch, additional Squad Value, and Ultimate Team packs!

    FIFA Club World Cup –
    Play in the FIFA Club World Cup, the official FIFA Club World Cup, alongside the best clubs from around the world. Play as the best club sides from across the globe in the largest annual club competition in the world. Compete as Club World Cup champions in 2014 with your FIFA Ultimate Team in the new FIFA Club World Cup mode.

    New techniques and new mechanics
    Create your ideal goalkeeper and bring it to life with new techniques and new mechanics. When conducting your match, you will see the animations as your players perform their moves and take actions.

    Record goalkeeper match statistics
    Save, replay, and share your goalkeeper records at all the major tournaments and competitions in the world in-game.

    Improved goalkeeper models and animations
    Revised goalkeeper models and animations. Impact animations have been enhanced, including while sprinting, and while pressing the ball.

    New touchscreen controls
    Touchscreen controls allow the goalkeeper to perform his actions as if a traditional pad was next to him. He can move, shoot, cover, and dive using his preferred finger. The goalkeeper is also able to swap seamlessly between the touchscreen controls and the traditional pad mode.

    Goalkeeper training tutorials
    Train as a goalkeeper in your own club, and practice your craft. Train your goalkeeper in training and improve your gameplay without having to pay another player’s wages.

    New goalkeeper kit
    New goalkeeper kits have been designed for each of the 6 first-team goalkeeper positions. A goalkeeper can also switch between his current and new goalkeeper kit in training or a match.

    New goalkeeper animations
    New goalkeeper animations are now in-game and allow the goalkeeper to dive, scramble, and block more freely.

    New goalkeeper controls
    New goalkeeper controls allow you to perform all of your goalkeeper’s actions during a match in an easy, intuitive way.

    FutiliSion is a new training strategy that puts the focus on improvement through a progression of exercises instead of repetitive sessions.


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Improved Physic Layer
    • A new and improved Player Manager
    • New goalkeeper gameplay
    • Improved player faces
    • Refined tactics editor
    • Real Player Kicking Physics
    • Real Player Motion Blending
    • Hybrid Player Movement
    • PACE
    • Hyper-Motion Technology


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    FIFA ( is one of the largest videogame brands in the world, and is a registered trademark of EA Digital Illusions CE SA.

    FIFA is the world’s most popular videogame franchise. The FIFA name has become a byword for football videogames and is used by a range of videogame companies, including Electronic Arts (EA), Acclaim, Eidos Interactive, Ubisoft, Take Two and 2K Sports. FIFA is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Inc.

    FIFA is developed by Electronic Arts Inc. and publishes more than 200 million copies of the game annually, and remains the best-selling videogame franchise of all time, according to GfK Chart-Track.

    FIFA is based on Electronic Arts’ flagship game, FIFA 11 and features more than 3,000 international players in more than 100 national teams.

    # # #

    For media requests, please contact:

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    Assistant Director of Corporate Communications

    Mob: +34 916 783 270

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