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HyperMotion Technologies – Full 180-degrees view (left-to-right, top-to-bottom) of two animations (near and far) combined from three capture positions – Far (top of screen), Near (middle of screen), and Center (bottom of screen).

With all of the new game features, the fans in the stadium and across the world are clamoring for a new level of realism in FIFA Online 2. This includes not only the skill level of the teams and players, but also the playability of the game. And what better way to prepare the game for launch than a full-scale virtual challenge.

This year’s gameplay innovations are powered by unprecedented match realism from player motion capture data, by animating every player on-the-fly from 12 unique motion capture suits.The technology powering the new gameplay is called “HyperMotion Technology” and was developed with the help of Mike Baker, Senior Sports Software Engineer at EA’s Vancouver Studio.

Near and Far player animations – A near player animation is pulling away from or throwing a ball. A far player is running toward or playing a defender. The animation for both is between position 1 and position 5 of each animation.

FIFA Online 2 has always been a true simulation of the game of football. Now, thanks to the power of the new HyperMotion Technology and an entirely new set of animations, players will run as if they are actually on the field and never look like they are frozen in time.

FIFA Online 2 Current Player Motion Capture Suit

So that every team feels like a true sporting house, a new series of animations were created by animating the new player animation suite against the then-current 20-player football suits. This allowed us to compare the players’ movements in and out of their current positions with the player animations that will be used in the game when launched.

The new FIFA 22 animations needed to create a full 360-degree view of how the players would move in and out of their positions while attacking, defending, and getting back to their positions at the end of a play. From this, four animations were chosen that each represent the movements of a foot while attacking, and the movements of the feet and body while playing in tight spaces or in higher ground. From these animations, every position for every player will be animated.

FIFA Online 2 Current Player Motion Capture Suit

Every position will be


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    • Garry’s Mod and DayZ
    • XCOM 2


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    What is FIFA?

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA Football is the world’s leading sports video game series, combining strategy, skill, and multiplayer competition in a virtual environment.

    What can you do in FIFA?

    What can you do in FIFA?

    Choose from one of 24 national teams, play 11-a-side matches, or compete in tournaments around the world. You can also pick individual players to take on other teams or bosses in a series of one-on-one matches. Ultimate Team mode lets you use real-world footballers and managers to assemble a dream squad from more than 10 million possible players.

    What is Football?

    What is Football?

    Explore the game world and build your player through football seasons in Career Mode. Intuitive controls and an immersive feel let you take on any opponent. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of the beautiful game with the all-new Player Traits system. You can even play against real-world managers and footballers in social matchmaking.

    Tackles and tackles

    With over 100 new animations, tackles are now an indescribably more realistic simulation of the sport, reflecting the way players on the field move and interact with their opponents. Players will feel the force of the impact and follow up with the correct block or tackle.

    Advanced physics engine

    The new FIFA Engine features a new collision model, sophisticated animation and collision system, and over 10 million possible player movements and reactions. Players and other objects now can take more realistic angles and positions.

    Real Field of Play

    The new FIFA Engine can now simulate the field of play so that the players are never more than six yards away from the ball or any other player on the field. Even if a player is knocked off the ball during a tackle, the ball will always return to its original position.

    Interactions with the ball

    FIFA Interactions with the ball addresses the side effect of previous gameplay, where players sometimes moved even after the ball had stopped moving. A new velocity logic algorithm distributes the ball movement to the closest static players on the field. This significantly reduces the number of strange looking ball spin effects.

    Completely rebuilt visual effects

    The updated visuals of FIFA offer more lifelike visual effects for player movements, ball physics, and collisions.

    Variety of player animations

    The new animation system is the


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    FIFA Ultimate Team is back and bigger than ever before. Build your dream team from over 600 players available to you, from the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the latest legends and superstars, like Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez. Compete in club competitions alone, play alone, or go head-to-head against your friends in online multiplayer tournaments. Play your way in the biggest game around.

    Every year, FIFA Ultimate Team gives you a chance to compete in a new tournament; this is your opportunity to show off your skills and win the FIFA Ultimate Team Trophy. Win all 10 stages of the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup in Ultimate Team and win an incredible mix of game-changing prizes including: Virtual Reality gear, PlayStation VR, the FIFA eWorld Cup branded watch, and more.

    The FIFA eWorld Cup is the perfect opportunity to share your passion for the game with friends and family, by becoming the ultimate FIFA pro. As the fastest growing FIFA eSport, FIFA eWorld Cup is where the world’s top players compete head-to-head for millions in prize money in the ultimate FIFA eSport tournament. Now is your chance to get the adrenaline pumping as you master the skills needed to become the ultimate FIFA eSport player.

    Together with PlayStation, FIFA eWorld Cup has teamed up with Real Madrid to bring the UEFA Champions League Final to life in FIFA eWorld Cup. Now, for the first time in their history, FIFA eWorld Cup and the UEFA Champions League Final are coming together for the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup to deliver the ultimate UEFA Champions League experience.

    The official UEFA Champions League apparel has now been officially licensed in FIFA eWorld Cup, including the official Champions League Trophy, which is available to be equipped in your Ultimate Team. You can create a life-size Champions League team in the FIFA eWorld Cup which features teams and players from all 32 Champions League clubs and will be customised to reflect your playing style.

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