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Capture the moments with ’Instant Replay’. Select the replay on pitch to see players colliding with the ball or whatever other in-game occurrences happened during the match.

Collect the tactics, formations and training environments. Select from the over 140 tactics and formations available in the edit mode to create and customize your tactics. Train the tactics through your AI opponent to perfection.

Experience the authentic feeling of ’FIFA 22’. The all-new Player Jumps and Fouls engine delivers the action and excitement of the full-speed collisions, resulting in more accurate ball physics. Player animations are also improved in the end-product and can lead to an improved experience with the improved visuals and animations.

“The launch of FIFA 22 with the all-new Player Jumps and Fouls engine was a big moment for us,” says Christian Thurau, Global Brand Director. “With our new technology, we were able to deliver a complete football game that could run on consoles and mobile, which was an entirely new challenge. So, the main goal for our team was to bring an authentic game experience and this is something we achieved.”

“The high-intensity gameplay delivers player moves that are not possible in regular gameplay; and that was one of our key objectives,” says Benjamin Schoettl, Senior Gameplay Engineer. “This enabled us to bring an authentic match feel through the gameplay experience by re-introducing Player Jumps. We are proud of the results and it’s a topic that we’re very excited to talk about in the future.”

More details about FIFA 22 will be revealed at the FIFA World Cup™ kickoff event on Thursday, June 14, which will take place at 12:30 BST (11:30 EST, 10:30 PST, 19:30 CEST).

Key features:

FIFA 22 : HyperMotion Technology. Introducing the FUT World Cup Edition and bringing HyperMotion Technology from ‘Real Football,’ bringing a totally new level of gameplay to the ball.

: HyperMotion Technology. Introducing the FUT World Cup Edition and bringing HyperMotion Technology from ‘Real Football,’ bringing a totally new level of gameplay to the ball. Replay. Select the replay on pitch to see players colliding with the ball or whatever other in-game occurrences happened during the match.

Select the replay on pitch to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions include the full Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 experience including all seven maps, Zombie mode and Blackout. Separate game disc required for PlayStation VR.
    • Completion of Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 campaign included on disc. Multiplayer features like cross play between PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, Blitz training mode and customisation to suit your play style made available on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Please note however that Gamescom Demo of Battlefield™ V isn’t included on disc, i.e. only the retail copy of the game will include the demo.
  • TBD
  • PlayStation VR version available at retail at $59.99 MSRP.
  • In accordance with the PlayStation®4 system software security design, games are not guaranteed to function or operate after the indicated 12-month period.
  • Up to PlayStation®4 Pro hardware required, sold separately.
  • An online connection is required to play.
  • Titanfall 2 survival mode included. Limited time offer while stocks last.

PS4 camera required.

Online multiplayer played via PlayStation®Network.

PS Vita support features:

  • Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4: Multiplayer and Zombies included for free. Find your favourite Treyarch Zombies map and campaign missions and join three-player co-op or three-player online or local four player PvP matches on the go.
    • In addition, in-depth character customisation of your favourite Black Ops 4 characters is also included for free to unlock or reset in-game.


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    A long time ago, when EA was a small company and video games had even fewer pixels than they do today, we were developing a new type of interactive experience that no one had ever seen before. But we needed a name that would tell our story and represent what we were creating. We looked around the office and saw a can of EA Sports paint, and we knew right then and there that this was the name we were going to use.

    Watch the red paint dribble down the can as the can does one of its iconic tricks

    Then we had to pick an acronym to define what FIFA really was.

    From ”basket ball with feet” to ”football”, the name FIFA stuck and has since become a worldwide brand synonymous with the greatest sport on earth.


    FIFA is more than just the name of the game. It’s a lifestyle – a lifestyle that is so much bigger than a game. It’s about teamwork, skill, tactics, character, strategy, fortune, and legend. It’s about passion, commitment and love of the game. As a sports game, FIFA has everything you would expect from EA SPORTS, but as a brand, it has so much more.

    FIFA is more than just the name of the game. It’s a lifestyle – a lifestyle that is so much bigger than a game.

    FIFA gives players the opportunity to live their dream. The game can turn players into global football superstars and give them the most authentic experience on the planet.

    FIFA allows people to connect with each other. The possibilities for friendship, group formation, social media interactions and online leagues are endless.

    FIFA has created a brand new generation of fans. With more than 700 million players around the world, from the grassroots up to the professional ranks, it has become a truly global phenomenon.

    With FIFA, every player and team on the pitch can become a legend.

    Superstar in FIFA Ultimate Team™

    FIFA Ultimate Team™ is a highly-advanced experience that gives fans the chance to play with, and against, their favourite players from the past, present and future. It delivers the depth and fun of an online game, while also offering an intense, focused, and deep gameplay experience for players. All Ultimate Team content is shared across an entire season of FIFA Ultimate Team, so that


    Fifa 22 Full Version

    InFifa Ultimate Team, you can unlock items, players, and play, train, and customize your squad in online and offline gameplay modes. Create your ideal team in Career mode, challenge friends in a multiplayer squad, or fight alongside your favorite pros in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues.

    First Touch Control-

    Using sliders, you can control every aspect of game play on FIFA Ultimate Team. How do you make players run better? How do you create more chances and score more goals? How do you control the ball and take it to the net? First Touch Control gives you all the tools to understand how the game works and become a better player.


    On top of these new features, players will also have access to improved in-game animation, improved lighting and shading, as well as new crowd behavior and commentary. On top of this, the game will feature expanded and updated Player Vision, System Link, Teammate Actions and Behaviors, Highlight Reels, and more. FIFA Ultimate Team will also be getting a massive roster update, with over 500 new licensed players coming to the game.

    In terms of new content, players will have the ability to play with all of the stars from the past 20 seasons for real in the new “Classic Teams” mode. The aim of the mode is to pit the biggest names in the past against the best of the present day, with teams like Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Inter Milan getting to show their skills against the likes of City, Chelsea, and Man United. The modes provides for an incredibly deep career mode experience, as well as a robust MyClub mode.

    The release of this year’s FIFA games will definitely be an event to mark on your calendar. With one of the best releases of this year on the way, FIFA 22 might very well be the best FIFA title yet. Fingers crossed.Lyotropic liquid crystals in tissues: applications in laser surgery and biomedical imaging.
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    What’s new:

    • HyperMotionTM – use real-world movements to create soccer personality

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