Download Readon TV Movie Radio Player !!BETTER!!

Download Readon TV Movie Radio Player !!BETTER!!


Download Readon TV Movie Radio Player

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Friday, March 2, 2016

David Leveille: A Fun Friday

This week is ” David Leveille’s Week!!!

David Leveille is a Canadian author who has been
living in the north of the country for much of his adult life. He has been
writing for over 20 years and has a number of books to his credit, including
” The Highlander Series,” and most recently his New York Times best-selling
series, the Sci-Fi Thriller ”The Gorgon 2″ series. He also writes for
various Marvel Comics, including
” The Uncanny X-men,” and
” The Uncanny X-men.”

David Leveille shares with us this intriguing and
intriguing tale!


Alex has escaped to the north and runs a
restaurant where he’s ruled by his true self with no rules. He has a whole lot of
money, and the only person he needs to be concerned with is his lover. But the
world doesn’t seem to be looking out for him and his friends. An old friend is
back, and he’s determined to finish his revenge.

Emory can’t believe that his best friend has
changed. He’s lost everything and has been surviving by his wits and looks.
Emory has a new found role, to rescue Alex as well as revenge himself on
everyone who has destroyed his life.

Alex has just lost himself. He is a ghost, a
shadow. And he will let nothing stand in his way when he sets out to punish his

It’s a tricky situation. I don’t usually go for
my reader to assume that it’s up to them to rescue somebody. I find that
boring. But I’m a rule breaker. So I suppose that’s why I like Alex. And I’m