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If you consider taking virtual notes as one of the best ways of keeping your tasks in order, then must’ve already heard of Google Keep. The cloud-based application allows you to quickly create notes, but also lists, image notes and drawings. You can label any of these items and change their color.
However, if you’re using the application on your desktop, browsing through tens or hundreds of notes can become tedious, as you cannot choose to view them according to their color, but only by their label. Well, Category Tabs for Google Keep is here to fix that.
An add-on for better note organizing
The extension integrates into the Google Keep webpage by adding 13 new tabs at the top of the page, each of a different color; these are the original Google Keep colors. Only now, when you click on one of these tabs, Keep will only show you the notes of that color (if there are any).
If you go to one of the tabs, the note that you create there will automatically take that exact color. The extension also creates a new tab at the bottom-left of the page, labeled Customize Categories. Here you can actually rename the categories, so you know exactly what each color stands for, at any moment. The black tab is the only one you can’t rename, because that is the All-tab that you can use to see all of your notes.
It has a few bugs
While this is certainly a useful extension, a few bugs may diminish the experience of using Google Keep. For example, when you try to create a note directly from a colored tab, it might automatically create it with the wrong color, so you’ll just have to change it.
As I’ve mentioned before, Google Keep also allows you to easily create lists instead of notes. But after I installed Category Tabs, I wasn’t able to create a list directly from the colored tabs. I could only create a list from the All-tab and select its color afterwards. If these bugs will be fixed soon, then I’m sure that Category Tabs for Google Keep will be a worthy addition to your browser, especially if you use Google Keep as a productivity tool.


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Category Tabs For Google Keep Chrome Extension Crack + Download PC/Windows

Google Keep has some deficiencies in its note organization. That’s why you should start using Category Tabs for Google Keep. This extension for Google Keep allows you to organize your notes in different tabs and color them accordingly. Once you set up these different tabs, you can use them to differentiate your notes or just view notes in their original color.
The extension also creates a new tab on your Google Keep page at the bottom-left, which allows you to customize your categories.
What’s New:
Added new display settings for mobile devices.
Bug Fixes
If you’ve read my other reviews, you’ll know that I find these reviews to be an incredibly useful resource in my life. Thank you to the author for this wonderful tool.
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Category Tabs For Google Keep Chrome Extension Free Download

The Category Tabs for Google Keep extension makes your Keep more organized and easy to find, by allowing you to filter your notes by their color.

Category Tabs for Google Keep Chrome Extension Cracked Accounts Description:
The Category Tabs for Google Keep extension makes your Keep more organized and easy to find, by allowing you to filter your notes by their color.

Category Tabs for Google Keep Chrome Extension Description:
The Category Tabs for Google Keep extension makes your Keep more organized and easy to find, by allowing you to filter your notes by their color.

Category Tabs for Google Keep Chrome Extension Description:
The Category Tabs for Google Keep extension makes your Keep more organized and easy to find, by allowing you to filter your notes by their color.

Category Tabs for Google Keep Chrome Extension Description:

Category Tabs For Google Keep Chrome Extension Keygen For (LifeTime)

Category Tabs for Google Keep works with Google Keep to easily organize your notes into lists or color-coded groups. The extension adds a 13 new tabs into the default tab bar that let you organize your notes by color. It also adds a new tab at the bottom left corner of the page for customizing the note colors. This extension is required for the black and white themes. Learn more here:
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A last-minute fix might be in your future as well: Google has just released a new version of the Google Docs for Android app. Among other things, the new app brings back the ICS-style navigation bar and a full-screen mode, in addition to fixing some other bugs from earlier versions.
When I wrote in this post back in April that Google Docs for Android was the most important Android app, I might have been a bit premature. Last week’s security update had introduced Google’s antiquated hamburger menu, and now the Google Docs app brings it back as a way to get to the three-pane view…
If you want to use the hamburger menu, all you have to do is tap the little up arrow triangle in the upper-right corner of the navigation bar.
“But wait,” you say, “that’s not exactly what I was expecting! What’s the matter with the old menu with the buttons on either side of it? I was just using that before…”
Well, you’re not the only one. Here are some other things the new app does:
• Some of the menus have been switched around.
• You can now add a comment to documents and comments at the bottom of the page.
• You can now search for documents by file name or by keyword.
• A glitch with printing is gone as well.
• If you’re missing the fast scroll, you should be able to get it back again.
The most recent security update included a new login screen, so you’ll need to sign in again. If you’re upgrading from an older version, you might be asking, “Why am I seeing a new login screen?”
Answer: It’s because the

What’s New in the Category Tabs For Google Keep Chrome Extension?

Colorize your notes with Google Keep’s new extensions! This extension allows you to color the labels on notes, and set all notes by default to the color you choose. You can view all your notes, and not just the ones you have created and created the labels for! Simply click the tab you would like to view on, then you can either create a new note or click on a label to change the color on an existing note.

Google Keep Case Study Businesses and government organizations love the versatility of Google Keep. Everyone from sales teams and marketers, to HR professionals and designers, use Google Keep to keep track of their work and collaborate. As long as you can use Google Drive, Google Keep is a great way to organize and maintain your notes from anywhere.

Google Keep Case Study The most basic way to add a note in Google Keep is to simply type the note and hit “Enter.” You can immediately add tags to note such as “Need to call someone” or “Did you call that number I wrote down?” You can also create multipage and even sticky notes.

Google Keep Case Study Incorporating tools such as Hangouts, Google Docs and Google Slides into Google Keep is easy. Even if you work in a completely different environment (cubicle, coffee shop, home, etc.) Google Keep is ready to integrate your work and collaboration with others. With Google Keep you can collaborate with your team members or friends in real time, host calls on the fly, share documents and more.

Google Keep Case Study Of course, Google Keep integrates with most of Google’s apps. You can now add a location to a note. A note can be added to an email, document, calendar, list and even a webpage. Add a note to yourself in Google Keep and it will be added to the corresponding Google Drive file.

Google Keep Case Study Google Keep is a powerful tool for almost anyone. Google Keep gives you access to all of your knowledge from the desktop, on

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